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Solar is like nothing else you can buy, because to not buy it, will cost you money!!

Why Use Solar Power?

Like we’ve said, solar is like nothing else you can buy, because to not buy it, will cost you money. Below are some benefits 

Free Electricity

You can harness the power of the sun to generate free energy for your home or business.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, there is no need for maintenance. We will handle the design, installation and all associated work.

24/7 Support

We gaurentee your complete satisfaction and take great pride in the work we do. We will be on hand 7 days a week for any support needs that arise.


The benefits keep on going...

Solar power is the gift that keeps on giving. On top of the obvious benefit of free power and lower energy bills there are numerous reasons why solar power is an absolute no brainer in todays world. 


Cash Back

BER Assessments 

Environmentally Friendly

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Customer Satisfaction

What we do

Switch2Solar is a Photovoltaic Solar Installation Company. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. We provide fully integrated renewable energy solutions to homes, farms, and businesses of all sizes.

Cash Back

The SEAI is providing grants of up to €2,400 to homeowners who want to install solar panels in their home.

Renewable Energy

Solar is a renewable energy source. Solar energy is far more environmentally friendly.

Complete Satisfcation

We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We take great pride in our work.

BER Assessment

In a nutshell, a BER rating indicates how energy efficient your home is. More information can be found here.

Want to learn more about solar in ireland?

Click the link below to download the real truth about solar in Ireland.

Recent Projects

Our team have proudly installed solar solutions all across Ireland

Mayo GAA

Connacht GAA

Center of Excellence

Solar panels Dublin

Ground Solar Panel Array

Solar pannel array set up to get the best of the sunlight and minimise impact from prevailing winds

Solar panels Dublin

Roof Panels

Installed for agriculture and domestic use

Solar panels Dublin

Domestic Roof

Solar Panels installed on roof

Car Charger Setup

Car Charger Setup

This client now runs his car on almost 100% solar energy

solar pv system solar pv system


Switch 2 Solar Project


Checkout some of our videos doing what we do best. 


Here are some questions we get from our customers from time to time!

Solar power is like nothing else you can buy as to not buy it will cost you money. Solar panels are a fantastic addition to any property that can generate free, clean energy for your home and contribute to the reduction of your electricity bills. 

Switch2Solar have decades of experience installing solar panels in Ireland. Not only can our expert team advise you on exactly which solar panel system will best suit your needs but we also stand over the quality of every install that we complete which comes with a fantastic warranty for ultimate piece of mind. 

The good people at citizens information have prepared the following on current available grants in Ireland. Check out this link: https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/housing/housing_grants_and_schemes/grants_for_solar_panels_and_battery_systems.html

Some of our customers have seen savings in excess of €2,000 per year since installing solar. Allot of our customers tell us that they've set their system to provide their home with a constant supply of hot water. No more cold showers and plenty left over to do the dishes. Allot of clients have set up their solar power to charge their electronic vehicles and are not only seeing a reduction in their domestic electricity bill but their cost of commuting has virtually vanished.